Friday, 15 October 2010

Inspired - Dark Side of the Lens

I recently caught this film, Dark Side of the Lens during one of the many hours I spend trawling Vimeo for interesting shorts. It's a beautiful piece and reflects every ounce of passion that I have felt personally at one time or another for climbing. Total dedication, that transcends work, money, the boundaries of one's daily routines. It's the same passion that led to the belief that I wanted to spend the rest of my days working as a climbing filmographer / photographer. Somewhere down the line those ambitions were watered down and eventually washed away.

Needless to say towards the end of 2010, a year in which I spent the first 6-months living in China and Pakistan before returning to England, this film inspired much of what I did with the short I recently made for the Climbing Works bouldering center in Sheffield. Its a far cry from the quality of the cinematography, aesthetics and raw emotions that DSOTL evokes, but I hope there's a little something in there which suggests I learned something.

Dark Side of the Lens