Thursday, 14 December 2006

Pop Levi Tour

Pop Levi is a British musician, in principle a solo artist, taking his band name from his Jewish-English birth certificate. The band produce an exciting eclectic mix of rock infused electronica.

The following collection of images and short films were created while touring with the band through England.

The photos are a selection from various tour dates, which includes a BBC Radio 6 broadcast with Mark Radcliffe. The radio 6 recording was a
little special that day, as it was the first live recording in the new Radio 6 studio.

The films meanwhile reflect the coll
ection of footage over the same period. 3 films can be viewed. The Electronic Press Kit, a live edition of Skip Ghetto and a live recording of Blue Honey at the XFM studios in London.

The Tuesday Club - 12.12.06 - Aloe Blacc

Monday, 11 December 2006

Abstract Sheffield

The images in this collection were taken, during a late night excursion into the heart of Sheffields City. At the time I recall being largely uninspired by the bland modern architecture, instead deciding to play with the exposure on my camera. It made the journey more interesting.